The Picture Show Movie Theater


Cost: $1.75; Tuesdays, $1.00; 3D Surcharge, $2.00

Times: Varies. Typically has a variety of morning, afternoon, and evening times.

Location4400 Roswell Road, Marietta, GA 30062

Kelly’s Comments: In my humble opinion, this is the only way to see a movie with little ones. Why? Well, say your two-year-old freaks out in the middle of Toy Story 7 and wants to go home. “Sure, no problem!” you say cheerfully…since it only cost $3 for you and your two kids to get in. Meanwhile, your counterpart at the full-priced theater down the street is fuming, because she had to leave early when her infant’s diaper leaked all over her brand-new outfit…but she spent $20 for her family! In all seriousness, the theater does show movies about 2-3 months after the “regular” theater, but chances are your kids have no idea, and even if they do, now’s the time to teach ’em that patience is a virtue!