Gymnastics – Cobb Parks & Recreation

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Cost: Varies. Generally $8 to $14/class, depending on age and skill level.

Times: 45-minute to 2-hour classes during the day, after school, and on the weekends. Day-long camps available during the summer and school breaks.

Location: Larry Bell Park, Cobb Gymnastics Center, 542 S. Fairground Street SE, Marietta, GA 30060

Kelly’s Comments: My kids have done gymnastics off and on through the Cobb Parks & Rec for a few years now. While not a top-notch competitive gym, the center is a great place for kids to learn coordination skills and the basics of each apparatus. There’s a Parent & Me class starting at age 2, Boys’ and Girls’ combined classes through age 5, and single-gender classes for the older kids, including Cheer Gym. Classes across the various age groups are sometimes scheduled simultaneously, which means that your children may be able to take their classes at the same time, giving you a well-deserved hour of peace in the spectators’ area. If one of your children, however, should decide to throw a tantrum and just refuse to participate, the center will give you a full refund during the first week of class, and that child can sit with you and watch the other sibling(s) do their thing. (Of course, this situation has never happened to me. Never.)